About Thee Practice

Thee Practice is a profound journey of spiritual growth that defies conventional methods of transmission. It cannot be simply passed on through words, demonstrations, or mimicry. It demands a direct transmission, an initiation that ignites the full potential within you.

Thee Practice is a unique spiritual endeavor that defies verbal description. It serves as a transformative second wind in one's spiritual journey, akin to the surge of almost limitless energy experienced during the second wind of running. While it originates from spiritual pursuits, Thee Practice offers a magical quantum leap in one's spiritual practice.

To embark on the exploration and development of one's own version of Thee Practice, individuals engage in a balanced array of practices known as "Thee Strivings." These Strivings encompass 15 different categories, each containing various exercises and practices.

Several fundamental principles underpin the nature of Thee Practice.

  • First, it recognizes the dual nature of human existence, acknowledging both our mundane human aspect and our spiritual essence, often referred to as the essential self.
  • Secondly, Thee Practice acknowleges that while our perceptions are augmented, there is a very real world beyond that which is normally perceived.
  • Third, it reminds us that we are not alone. There are others on their own spiritual quests who share a similar journey-- with all that entails.
  • Lastly, Thee Practice acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual's spiritual path, encouraging a personalization of practices and an understanding that one's path may differ from others.

While the actual results of Thee Practice elude verbal expression, the selection and combination of different "Thee Strivings" offer glimpses into the personalized nature of this spiritual pursuit.

Why should you embark on this journey?

Thee Practice holds the key to your spiritual awakening—an awakening that can only be achieved through its profound teachings and practices.

Where can you begin?

The beauty of Thee Practice lies in its ability to transcend physical boundaries. Regardless of your location, you can embark on this journey from wherever you are.

When should you start?

If you had the opportunity to start yesterday, you should have seized it. But if not, don't delay any further. Start today and embrace the transformation that awaits you.

How can you navigate this path?

The road to Thee Practice is paved with Thee Strivings—essential aspects of spiritual growth. Each Striving is a vital piece of the puzzle, collectively providing a balanced and comprehensive training.

To ensure a harmonious journey, the program emphasizes equal attention to each Striving. Since every individual is unique, you will need to skillfully and creatively schedule your practices to maintain this delicate balance.

Embark on this transformative journey, unlock your inner potential, and embrace Thee Practice.