About Thee Practice

Thee Practice is not something that can be passed on in a classic human fashion.

Talking about, demonstrating, forced mimicry -- none of these methods can serve to convey Thee Practice.

Thee Practice can only be conveyed through direct transmission.

So why this website?

While it is true that little can be done to directly convey what Thee Practice is, we definitely can talk about the why, where, when, and how of it.


Individual initiation is the only way to achieve full activation of Thee Practice. Only through Thee Practice can you achieve full spiritual awakening.


The where is easy -- wherever you happen to be. Thee Practice is designed to break geographic barriers.


If you could start yesterday, you should. Failing that, you should start today.

Finally, How?

The road to Thee Practice travels along Thee Strivings. Each Striving focuses on an important aspect of spiritual growth. When taken together they form a whole that gives a balanced and complete training.

Because of the importance of maintaining balance, the program is designed to make sure each of the Strivings is addressed equally. Because each typicality is different it will take skill and some degree of creative scheduling on your part to make this happen.