Thee Strivings

Thee Practice is not something that can be passed on in a classic human fashion.

Talking about, demonstrating, forced mimicry — none of these methods can service as transmission for Thee Practice.

Thee Practice can only be conveyed through direct transmission. You may think of this as a bundle of raw knowingness, understanding, and practical ability packaged in a capsule the size of a grain of sand. When transmission occurs, it occurs. This is something that will happen in its own good time.

While it is true that there is nothing you can do to force transmission, that does not mean there is not work to be done. Quite the contrary, there is a mountain of potential work called Thee Strivings.

Everything we do falls within one (or more) of these strivings. (Side note: The factor that determines which striving a multi-faceted activity falls into is iso-magnification.)